Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dover Revisited

Well I did say I was going to head back to Dover and check out the castle which I seen during the walk from Deal. And here it is. I am glad I did so, as the history of the site goes back to William the Conquer of 1066. This castle has been a strategic stronghold that looked towards France in search of the common enemy. It was used during the Napoleonic Wars where the first bunkers where dug into the chalk, during WWI and most recently WWII where further expansion of the bunkers/tunnels where dug. This place is a must see and a very important place in history. Not only the tunnels are interesting this castle which is pretty much fully functional is probably the most interesting I have seen since being here.

Dover Revisited

Taken from the cliff edge looking north from Dover Castle

Taken from the cliff edge looking towards France from Dover Castle

Taken from the cliff edge looking south from Dover Castle

Ruin over the cliff
Oh there is 2 seagulls shot.

Army barracks

What you looking at?

The next photos have been taken while on tour within the WWII underground bunkers which was quite amazing. Apparently during WWII it housed 2000 service man, a hospital and control center for the army, navy and airforce. Much secret planing went on here.

The parting shot of the outside castle walls and dried up mote.